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My Story

My healing journey began in 2014 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder while also navigating a major life transition. Limited by traditional methods, I began to seek alternative treatments to help my body, mind, and soul to heal.

​Fortunately, an intuitive healer and teacher entered my life who introduced me to the world of Reiki and energy healing. Upon utilizing these therapies, my energy began to improve, my symptoms lessened in severity and duration, and I gained peace and clarity surrounding the circumstances of my life. I was eager to know more and to learn how to practice on myself and others. Thus began my formal study in the field of energy healing.


​Energy healing is a wonderful complement to traditional methods found in Western medicine. It can also stand alone in helping to create overall wellness, reduce stress, and increase general well-being and vitality. If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder or other chronic condition, stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue, or brain fog, are in need of emotional healing, or are recovering from a surgery or injury, these modalities will help create the conditions in which your body can best heal.​

My journey is ongoing, and energy healing is an important component to my wellness. My desire for Cultivate Healing is to share what I have learned and practiced over the years with others in need of healing or peace in their lives.

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