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About Cultivate Healing

My healing practice focuses on human transformation through Reiki, Intuitive healing, Crystal healing, and other energy modalities. These practices are used to balance energy flow within the body which promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and supports overall well-being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Anita Long
Reiki Master, Intuitive, Crystal Healer, Tarot Advisor

'The soul always knows what to do to heal.
The challenge is to silence the mind.'

Carolyn Myss

My Services


Reiki and Intuitive Healing

60 minute Energy Healing session using Reiki and Intuitive healing to:

  • calm the mind and nervous system for inner peace

  • relieve symptoms from anxiety, depression, and stress

  • release trauma and stored emotions

  • relieve chronic illness symptoms and pain

Custom Crystal Healing

75 minute Energy Healing session using Reiki, Intuitive healing AND a custom crystal layout to:

  • supercharge the healing through activating crystals on the body

  • clear and energize the chakras to promote flow and ease in life

  • direct the flow and intensity of healing through crystals and healing wands

Remote Healing Experience

60 minute remote Energy Healing session using Reiki and Intuitive healing (energy is not confined to the limits of time and space!) Benefits of this Zoom format include:

  • reclining in a comfortable position in your own space

  • ability to drift off to sleep or remain in a meditative state following the healing

  • all the benefits of the in-person healing option

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My Approach

"Anita has an ability to make me feel safe, protected, and cared for which allows me to relax and open up.   I cannot express how great that relaxation feels. Sometimes I describe it as being a 'magic carpet ride.'" Krysta K.

I provide a safe and nurturing environment in which you can relax and open yourself to healing. Whatever you choose to share will be held with care and in confidence. To ensure your physical comfort, you will lie fully clothed on a heated table covered with a sheet or blanket. You may choose to talk during your session or remain quiet. Most fall into a deep state of relaxation, and some even fall asleep. Whatever happens for you in your healing experience is perfect and meant for you!


Feel free to contact me today with any questions to begin your journey towards greater health and well-being.

What Our Clients Say

Anita is truly gifted at what she does! Her calm and cheerful energy is palpable, and comforting. She is extremely intuitive and always spot on with what I’m feeling, and customizes our sessions based on that. I always leave my appointments feeling refreshed, peaceful, and serene. Highly recommend!

Tracy R.

Anita has an amazing spiritual gift!! The peace, relaxation and clarity I feel after a session with her is unparalleled. She incorporates a few different healing modalities into an amazing, rejuvenating experience. I highly recommend Anita, she is a rare gem in the healing arts! 💗

Stephanie P.

Anita is a compassionate and gifted intuitive healer! I came to her with some neck, shoulder and upper back pain, as well as, sinus headache pressure and issues falling asleep at night. After my session, the pain and tension was gone in my neck and shoulders, my sinus pressure was released, and I felt so much more relaxed. I got a great night's sleep that evening and have been able to fall asleep much more quickly since. I highly recommend her services!

Kristie L.

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